Category: Great reads

Great reads that I’d like to share. Books that keep me reading late into the night.

Bone Lines by Stephanie Bretherton; a review

Bone Lines by Stephanie Bretherton is an intelligent, thought-provoking ‘time-slip’ novel about two strong female characters; a woman from the archaeological past and the present-day scientist who analyses her newly-discovered bones.

A talk on the Wilde side

I recently reviewed Obsidian by Suzie Wilde, which is pitched as ‘A gripping Viking tale of one woman’s courage, fighting old and new gods amid the savage beauty of Ice Island’. I love historical fantasy novels and especially books with a strong female protagonist,…

Bone Jack by Sara Crowe

Perhaps it’s something to do with my grey hair, but I don’t often read Young Adult books. I started Bone Jack out of curiosity, intrigued by a tale about ancient, rural traditions that have their roots in a pagan past. Within a page I was…

Deer Island by Neil Ansell

I started Deer Island thinking I’d just read for thirty minutes before bed. I put it down in the early hours, when it was nearly finished and all hopes of a full night’s sleep were gone, and I’m still trying to define its appeal….

The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

The magic of a great ‘fantasy’ writer is to make the reader forget that they are in a fantasy world. The concept of The Time Traveler’s Wife, in which a man travels through time involuntarily and unpredictably, is intriguing, but Niffenegger draws you in…

The Crow Road by Iain Banks

This rewarding book is the story of a Scottish family with their complex inter-relationships, seen primarily through the eyes of a young man. Note ‘primarily’; at first I found the multiple points of view and multiple time-periods confusing. If hadn’t been so well written,…