I’m a writer.


I try to avoid a genre straight-jacket; life, after all, does not fit into a genre box. Still, publishers need to put a label on books, and the label I am least uncomfortable with is ‘cross-over fiction’. It’s liberating rather than constraining. It acknowledges a boundary, then kicks it away.

The boundary I cross is between literary and subtly supernatural fiction, so don’t expect the rattling chains and woo-woo noises of full-on ‘horror’, but you may find a hint of sulphur among the roses. I aim to weave worlds that blend people and place, place and history, past and present.

….and leave the reader with the scent of an otherness.


I am represented by Ian Drury at Sheil Land Associates, Literary Agents, 52 Doughty Street, London WC1N 2LS

Telephone 020 7405 9351

9 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Thanks for the likee, Geoff. And good to see you again, Robin. (wondered who you were, read the title ‘Saxon’s bane; thought ‘Ah the Stag, the beemer, and the dig site’ (which is pretty much all I read way back when) checked the synopsis, grinned. couldn’t remember your handle but I remembered the book and who you were, then saw your tweets to Ren, which gave me your handle)

    Congrats on the publication, mate. That was always a fine story.

  2. Just finished reading Saxon’s Bane. Beautifully written, and loved the sense of ambiguity throughout – I don’t like it when nothing is left to the reader’s imagination. Really captured the landscape too, and how close we are to the past.

  3. Hi Geoffrey
    Just finished Sacon’s Bane. Really well written totally absorbing book. Really enjoyed it.
    So pleased you visited Cheddington wi otherwise I wouldn’t have read it

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