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    Hammer of Fate

    Book One of the Rune Song Trilogy


    Some adore her as an angel.
    Most hunt her as a witch.
    She may be both.

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    Audiobook narrated by Matt Addis.

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    Jack's a war hero, haunted by his past... or is he just haunted?

    A war-damaged veteran on a mission to self-destruct…
    … a controlling father pushing him ever closer to the edge…
    … and a yachtswoman who gives all she has to hold him back.

    And between them all, there’s an old boat with dark secrets, and perhaps a mind of its own.

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    All author royalties are shared equally with the veteran’s charity Combat Stress.

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    Saxon’s Bane

    You cannot escape the past

    A young archaeologist uncovers her dream find; the peat-preserved body of a Saxon warrior.

    Nearby, a car crashes, and a man sees something inexplicable at the edge of death.

    Their stories will become inextricably linked as the present echoes the ancient, bloody past.

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  • Short stories

    Five short stories that capture a moment; some poignant, some amusing, each taking the real world and applying just enough of a twist for you to wonder if everything you see can be explained by science.

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I’m an author. Along the way I’ve also been a Royal Naval officer and a businessman, but now I write full time. It’s a lot more fun, and a joy to share my work with readers.

I like creating stories with complex, conflicted characters that a reader can bleed with, cry for, and perhaps fall in love with. They live in worlds where you can smell the sweat and the sewers as well as the roses, but where you might also encounter something numinous.

If you like the work of authors such as Mark Lawrence (Red Sister, etc), Robin Hobb (the Farseer Trilogy, etc), or Guy Gavriel Kay (The Lions of Al-Rassan, etc), you’ll love my Rune Song epic fantasy trilogy, Hammer of Fate, Runes of Battle, and Blood of Wolves.

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I try to respond promptly to all messages. Forgive me if I don’t; it probably means I am in my writing cabin, which is fifty yards and five hundred years from the house.

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