Short Stories

This E-book of three of my short stories, including the award-winning ‘Muse’, is published by Solaris Books and is available for free download in both Kindle (.mobi) and iBook (.epub) formats. Click the cover images to download.

Kindle (.mobi) format
iBook (.epub) format

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                What’s inside:

KeyboardMUSE: A powerful, emotionally charged story where old lady teaches a young pianist the true, evocative power of music. Winner of the ‘Get Writing’ Prize 2011.

THE OTHER WOMAN: In this light-hearted and amusing tale, a sailor becomes obsessed with restoring a vintage sailboat, which seems to have a character and a mind of its own.

Poppy DaySHORT BURSTS: The poignant story of an elderly veteran confronting his demons in an old people’s home.

Also included in Three Short Bursts are sample chapters of Saxon’s Bane.

7 thoughts on “Short Stories”

  1. Wonderful story! Such a familiar feeling you’ve evoked, being a guest in someone’s home and feeling the “off-limits” pull toward their piano. I appreciate your economy of words describing the setting and mood. And what a worthy challenge, to attempt to convey the very personal, intangible significance of music. Delightful!

  2. Thank you! I really appreciate the feedback. These two characters stuck in my mind after I’d written them, so I’m weaving them into the next book, a time-slip historical novel. There, the house has been in the old lady’s family for centuries, and music has a way of resonating through the generations.

  3. Monday, 14th January, 12.30 p.m. ( could not crack it the first time!)

    It is snowing outside onto the Silver Birches, welcoming their disguise.

    I have just wept at the end of the story. And then smiled at the line – “These doctors don’t know anything.” I agree.

    A poignant story that reminded me of my old Piano Teacher, who twinkled too. Such depth behind the twinkling, you could never be sure what was hidden. And I was only a child.

    I shall read it many times. Only once so far.

    It resounded to the heart almost immediately. Was it you who played? It seemed so.

    A quite beautiful story. Thank you, Geoff.

  4. Geoff, I smiled almost through the entire reading. I felt the romance and passion as keys were struck. I’m glad I found you. I miss my friends at Litopia. My former handle was Iwrite2

    1. Iwrite2! Wonderful to hear from you! I have several other Litopians in electronic contact, and one or two face2face. Can you drop me a line with your email address? Use the contact form on this web site, and let’s take the conversation off line.

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