A war-damaged veteran on a mission to self-destruct…

… a controlling father pushing him ever closer to the edge…

… and a yachtswoman who gives all she has to hold him back.

And between them all, there’s an old boat with dark secrets, and perhaps a mind of its own.

Royalties are shared equally with veterans’ mental health charity Combat Stress.

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About the publisher

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Unbound are a new and fast-growing force in publishing. They won the Bookseller Book of the Year Award in 2015, and their recent successes include the Sunday Times Bestselling ‘Letters of Note’ and the Man Booker long listed ‘The Wake’. Unbound have a revolutionary publishing concept; they team with an author to build support before publication, which lets readers decide what is published.

In support of Combat Stress

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Half the royalties will go to Combat Stress, who support veterans struggling with the aftermath of conflict.


Here’s how it works

Unbound will publish DRACA when enough people show their support. Pledges range from a single ebook or paperback, up to signed bundles for a book group. The link below takes you to Unbound, where you’ll find more information. Please help me to help heroes whose wounds are more than physical.

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Thank you for making a difference.

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