Short stories

Corn Goddess and other stories

Five short stories to touch the soul; some poignant, some amusing, each taking the real world and applying just enough of a twist for you to wonder if everything you see can be explained by science.

Corn Goddess and Other Stories is available to purchase on Kindle, Nook, iTunes, and Kobo, but is free of charge to my mailing list. The link to download, in .pdf, .mobi, and .epub formats, is below. One new, free story will be added to Corn Goddess and Other Stories every quarter.


  • The Other Woman

    A young man discovers love, in old boat with attitude.

  • Short Bursts

    An ageing veteran struggles with his demons in an old people’s home. Some memories don’t fade.

  • Namaste

    A young Englishwoman, exploring the world, finds wisdom instead on a tropical beach.

  • Muse

    A young music student, a grand piano, and an old lady in a moment that will change the student’s life.

  • Corn Goddess

    England, 1953: a repatriated prisoner of war returns home. His memories and the talisman that his love wove for him have kept him alive, but the world has moved on.