The Bonnevaux Covenant

Catherine Bonnebonnevauxvaux flies home with malaria. Soon that’s the least of her problems.

Her aristocratic family is bankrupt; their beautiful Halstead estate is being sold piecemeal for development, and the community that has served the estate for centuries responds with a dark and ancient Craft.

As events unfold beyond anyone’s control, the battle for Halstead becomes more than a fight between greed and principle, new and old, for Halstead was once the medieval Halge Stede, the Hallowed Place, hallowed to the old gods long before a Saxon priest built a chapel over Woden’s temple.

Catherine champions the estate families, if not their pagan beliefs. But as she sinks into delirium, she glimpses Halstead through the eyes of a young, peasant woman, in a time when a village was swept away and a dynasty born in a terrible oath. Today’s Bonnevaux may have forgotten the oath, but the oath has not forgotten the Bonnevaux, and Catherine seems destined to share the tragic fate of Halge Stede. Her life may depend on that imperfectly-remembered Craft.

…and a local wise woman who believes that the strongest player of all is One who is unseen, save for the presence of a raven or a wolf.


The Bonnevaux Covenant is a work in progress, now at the editing phase and 106,000 words long.

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