I write about present day people whose lives are shaped by the past. My debut novel, Saxon’s Bane, published by Solaris, is a thriller with a supernatural twist; past and present collide during the excavation of a Saxon warrior’s grave.

saxons bane mockupCritical acclaim for Saxon’s Bane:

‘Once there was a great classical tradition of rural British horror from MR James to The Wicker Man. Now Geoffrey Gudgion has revived the style and modernised it to great effect, proving there’s still nothing as creepy as the countryside.’

Christopher Fowler, author of thirty novels, including the Bryant and May mysteries

‘One of my favorite books this year.’

Sally Janin, The Qwillery

‘A supremely well-written novel… Saxon’s Bane is the book to thrust into the hands of any know-it-all who claims that genre fiction cannot be literary.’

Ross Warren, This Is Horror

‘[A] sure-footed debut… a terrific thriller made singular by its interaction with the past.’

Niall Alexander, Tor.com

‘..the book is wonderful… far more contemplative and thoughtful than I expected. This is an impressively solid debut …’

Paul Holmes, The Eloquent Page

‘Good old fashioned mythic stuff; Wicker Man by way of John Fowles.’

Stephen Jewell, SFX

‘An unusual type of offering … but one that really does have a bite of its own. The concept within was wonderfully brought together, … a book that I had enjoyed spending time with. … Definitely an author to watch …

Gareth Wilson, Falcata Times

There are good books, there are very good books and then there is a small sub set of books that are so good and so believable in their characterisation and sense of place that you don’t just read them, you live them and miss them when you are finished. This first novel by Geoffrey Gudgion easily falls into this latter category.

Andy Angel, Theresa Derwin’s Terror-Tree

7 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Thanks for the likee, Geoff. And good to see you again, Robin. (wondered who you were, read the title ‘Saxon’s bane; thought ‘Ah the Stag, the beemer, and the dig site’ (which is pretty much all I read way back when) checked the synopsis, grinned. couldn’t remember your handle but I remembered the book and who you were, then saw your tweets to Ren, which gave me your handle)

    Congrats on the publication, mate. That was always a fine story.

  2. Just finished reading Saxon’s Bane. Beautifully written, and loved the sense of ambiguity throughout – I don’t like it when nothing is left to the reader’s imagination. Really captured the landscape too, and how close we are to the past.

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